dissabte, 4 de juliol de 2009

Segway Authorised tours

Segway.com has a list of all segway authorised tours in the world in here, you will see that there is no authorised segway tour in Spain, so it is fun to see that another segway tour company in Barcelona are advertising themselves as the only Segway Authorised Tour.

To be an Authorised Segway Tour you have to sign a document with Segway where you have to abide certain rules, one of them being the use of helmets in your publicity or website. It is fun to see, again, that the same company say in its website that they are an authorised tour because they only show people with helmets on the website, you will have trouble finding people with helmets there.

I have no intention at the moment to use helmets, except if somebody specifically ask me to use them (I do have helmets). So I cannot be a Segway Authorised Tour.

But at least I do not claim to have a certification I do not have.

Also, this company that has only been in Barcelona for a year, tell people to be careful with unofficial practices. As of june 2009 the only two companies in Barcelona with authorisation from the city hall to do Segway tours in Barcelona were Barcelona Segway Glides and Barcelona Segway Fun.

As a last proof of how this people do things check this foto and the one underneath:

The photo was taken by Simon Kirrane back in 2005 and you can see four people in it, the guy in the left is me and you can also see the name of my company on the segways bags. Now the second picture is a screen capture of the home page of another segway tour company in Barcelona who very conveniently cut the picture to left me out. I have plenty more pictures that this guys are using on their website without permission, I will post some more later.

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