dissabte, 4 de juliol de 2009

People using pictures that they do not own

I just realised something about another of the pictures that other segway tour company is using without permission. Here is the original one, that I took myself. These three lovely girls are the girls from Project My World, they went around the world meeting people and having fun and they made a TV program out of it. One of their first stops was Barcelona back in 2007 and they came to do a Segway tour with me.

Now, this is the picture that the other guys are using in their homepage:

Now, not only they are using my picture that they also modified the the segway bag so my company name cannot be read!!!! Shame on you guys.

Now, as a last thing if you check this link it will take you to a youtube video of a recap of the first season of Project My World, if you check the video at minute 3:07 you will see me sharing the segway with one of the ladies. Its only one second but the guy with the blue shirt is me.

Also, this was 2007, these guys started in 2008...

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