dimarts, 13 d’octubre de 2009

Segways and cinema

Before starting the segway tour business almost 5 years ago, I used to work at a movies distribuiton company called Manga Films. It was one of the best jobs ever, watching movies, making DVDs, meeting actors, actresses, directors, atending to festivals.... More a movie fan like me there is no better way to earn your money.

Luckily, five years after I still keep many of the friends I made during those years at Manga Films, that allows me to get to some movie premiers, get a few free DVDs and attend to the Sitges Film Festival , for me, the best festival ever.

A few months ago, I took a couple of indian gentleman on a segway tour, and while we had a few tapas (they were very hungry) at El Vaso de Oro one of them, Ashvin told me that he was an oscar nominated movie director that had just finished his first full lenght feature. The movie is called The forest and being a horror/thriller movie I told him to contact the festival, he was also directed to the festival by other people. A few weeks ago, while I was checking the movie list for the festival I saw that The Forest was to be presented at the festival, so I was very happy for Ashvin, and then one night, while at the festival I met Ashvin again at the festival, it was a very funny situation, we met doing a Segway tour and we met again while he was presenting is movie at the festival.

This is not the only movie director I met this year at the festival. Back in 2002 Manga Films distributed Vincenzo Natali's last movie, Cypher. He is quite known in the cinema world for his movie Cube. I was able to spend a few hours with Vincezo and had a great time with him. This year festival Vincenzo was coming to present his new film Splice, and I tried to contact him at his old e-mail address that unfortunately did not work. Luckily for me we met at the hotel lobby and we recognised each other, I helped him with his catalan speech to present the movie and also invited him to a segway tour around the city. He agreed and here are two of the pictures we took that day.

I had a great time showing them the city and learning lots about movies, I really hope to see them soon, hopefully Vincenzo will make another movie and present it at Sitges!

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